About Us

Mawfoor is an E-commerce platform dedicated to exclusive luxury fragrances, offering the convenience of buying online without any hassle and is completely reliable. We aim to offer you a lavish and enchanting experience. To achieve this, we offer genuine niche fragrances from selective companies around the world. All our products are authentically sourced from authorized distributors and can be trusted for their quality, and uniqueness. Our team of experts believes that fragrance needs are deeply emotional and personal – we thus focus on a deep understanding of the desires of our customers before offering them the best possible options in niche perfumes.


Our mission is to provide the best in niche perfumes, delivering essential and authentic fragrances to the discerning clientele.


Our vision is to be the leading E-commerce platform for exclusive niche perfumes in the UAE.


We believe in educating our customers, creating trust through transparency, adapting to their needs, and improving our customer services.